Green Home Pest Control Xtra

Green Home Pest Control Xtra

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At Southern Greens Pest Control, we put you first. Our pest control treatment and prevention solutions are designed to do exactly what you want: completely eliminate the pest infestation. We know you have enough to think about, which is why we offer guaranteed same day appointments, effective treatment, and premier customer service. So go ahead, protect your family from common household pests with our Green Home Pest Control Xtra.

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Your Total Pest Control Solution

Green Home Pest Control Xtra

We believe in preventative measures in addition to our treatment solutions. Our signature Green Home Pest Control Xtra service targets pest entry and exit points for maximum effectiveness. It prevents future infestation by establishing a protective boundary around the outside of your home that discourages pests from entering. Our friendly professionals will also alert you to the conditions in your home or yard that make it attractive to pests.

  • “Southern Greens took care of the termite problem in my rental property quickly and efficiently”
    Kathleen G. - Bradenton
  • Our services are SAFE and AFFORDABLE

    Green Home Pest Control Xtra reduces risk to your family and pets by using only the greenest products available. Our technicians use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method to eradicate pest populations. It’s a prescriptive approach that only targets where necessary to ensure your home and lawn isn’t being flooded with unnecessary chemicals.

    Green Home Xtra – Pricing

    Square Footage Initial Price With Coupon Monthly
     0-1999 $499 $149 $119
    2000-2999 $499 $149 $124
    3000-3999 $499 $149 $128
    4000-4999 $499 $149 $131
     5000-5999 $499 $149 $134
    >6000 inspection