Green Home Pest Control Valu

Green Home Pest Control Valu

Green Pest Control Service - Bradenton Sarasota

At Southern Greens Pest Control, we make our clients our number one priority. Our pest control treatment and prevention solutions are formulated to be effective and safe for your family and pets and also to eradicate the pests infesting your home. Our fast efficient service offers guaranteed same day appointments, effective treatment, and first class customer service that comes with our customer promise. You can feel reassured that you can protect your family from common household pests such as ants, roaches, spiders and  rodents invading your home with our Green Home Pest Control Valu Plan

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Your Total Pest Control Solution

reen Pest Control Value Plan

We believe in prevention methods as well as the extermination of existing pests. Our signature Green Home Pest Control Valu service targets the entry and exit points that pests use to penetrate your homes boundaries for maximum deterrence. This  prevents future infestations by creating an effective and protective boundary on the outside of your home that deters these unwanted pests from entry and establishing a colony. Our friendly and professional team will also provide you with advice on how to deter pests that are attracted to the conditions in your home or yard such as moisture or easily accessible food sources.

  • “Southern Greens took care of the termite problem in my rental property quickly and efficiently.”
    Kathleen G. - Bradenton
  • “Sam showed up in rain… Very friendly and stated the weather was good for lawns. Nice job Samuel… Ray Booth.”
    Sam B. - Bradenton
  • “I have had Southern Greens for almost a year now. Our lawn really looks great. I would certainly recommend them to anyone that wants their lawn to look beautiful. I use this company’s pest contol as well. “
    Maureen McAvoy - Bradenton
  • “Been using them for over 3 years and have never experienced a problem. Our yard always looks great. We also use the pest control service and that too has been great, never a problem. Keep up the good work! I love the fact that you can pay for the full year in advance and get a discount.”
    Pam Torge - Bradenton
  • “Have had pest control service for almost two years and have been extremely satisfied. Just added lawn service and am looking forward to the same high quality.”
    Lynne Keepers - Bradenton

Our services are eco and pet SAFE and AFFORDABLE

Green Home Pest Control Valu will reduce the  risk to your family and pets by using only the greenest products available. Our team of technicians use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method to eradicate pest populations. This approach uses techniques that target specifically where necessary, in order to prevent your home and lawn from being dosed with chemicals without necessary cause.

Green Home Pest Control Valu – Pricing

Our plan pricing is flexible based on your levels of service requirement e.g. Valu, Plus or Xtra and the size of your home.  All of our plans come with our Green Home Pest Control Plans with our Customer Service Guarantee included, giving you piece of mind that rest assured your pest problem is under control, leaving you to enjoy your home.  You can even use one of our pest control coupons such as the one on the right to get started on a plan – its that simple to save $100 right away!

Square Footage Initial Price With Coupon Monthly
 0-1000 $219 $119 $15
1000-1999 $249 $149 $20
2000-3499 $279 $179 $25
3500-4999 $319 $219 $35
 5000-5999 $339 $239 $40

Services Included in The Green Home Valu Plan