Pest Control Sarasota

Pest Control Sarasota

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Are pests invading your home?

The battle against household pests in Sarasota, FL can be a frustrating, challenging problem year round. Southern Greens Pest Control offers total, environmentally friendly pest control solutions that keep your family safe from all of the pest problems you might encounter.
We have the perfect plan for your pest problem!

Pest Control Sarasota FL

When you have pest problems in your Sarasota home, the situation is not a waiting matter. Give us a call before noon Monday through Friday and we will come to your home and eliminate your pest problem with prompt same-day service. We are dedicated to protecting your home from common household pests, including ants, termites, spiders, and roaches.

Pest Control Sarasota

Protect your home with one of our pest control plans

Our Green Home Valu, Green Home Plus, and Green Home Xtra pest control plans are pet-friendly, family-safe, and extremely effective. We are happy customize our services to fit your personal needs.

Green Home Valu Plan

Safely and effectively treats ants, spiders, roaches, and other common household pests.

Starting at $20/month!

Green Home Plus Plan

Treats ants, spiders, roaches, & other common household pests, PLUS termite control!

Starting at $45/month!

Green Home Xtra Plan

Ants, spiders, and everything you get in Green Home, PLUS termite AND mosquito control!

Starting at $80/month!