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Lawn Care Treatment

Our Lawn Fertilization Treatments are Pet Friendly & Eco-Safe

WhiteFly Control

We can get rid of whitefly with our proven treatments

Termite Control & Extermination

We will stop them in their tracks and prevent them from coming back

If you have ants, spiders, rodents, roaches, or any other pest, Southern Greens Pest Control can help make your home safe again, using pet friendly, eco-safe and proven treatments!

Would you like a green, healthy, pest and weed free lawn and landscape to make your neighbors envious? We can do that and more we will eliminate Chinch bugs, sod web worms and broad leaf weeds.

The spiraling Whitefly is causing major damage to palms and other trees all over Florida at the moment.  We can protect your trees and patio from turning into a Black sticky mess!

Are you concerned your might have termites or know your have them? We can inspect, treat and protect  your home and buildings to give you peace of mind.

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